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I have suffered for several years with facial pain, teeth hurting, ears popping, and muscle pain in my neck. I had consulted several doctors and dentists who tried everything from medications to dental work and appliances so I couldn’t grind my teeth. I was beginning to think I would have to live on a soft diet and in pain forever. Then my ENT referred me to Dr. Gorman after ruling out sinus problems. At my first consultation with Dr Gorman I was extremely impressed! He explained what was going on with me as if he felt the pain too! He used models and pictures to be sure I understood it all and then he explained how we could work together to fix it! Who could have known that all this pain was caused by a TMJ problem. Now I am half way through phase I and most of my pain is gone!! Every month when I come in for my adjustment he and his staff are sure to answer all my questions and are so encouraging! If you are having pain like I was, this is the place to fix it!! Thank you Dr. Gorman and staff!

James D.


From my first meeting with Dr. Gorman I had no doubt I would be satisfied with the results. I was impressed with Dr. Gorman’s obvious knowledge and training in TMJ and the office was equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment. What I later learned is that Dr. Gorman’s greatest asset is not his education or state of the art equipment but his vast bank of personal experience from past TMJ patients, which he draws from to treat current patients. His experience enables him to successfully treat TMJ patients who fall outside the typical case, making him a true expert in the field. I have also been completely satisfied with the treatment process itself. Dr. Gorman’s staff is friendly and personable making the monthly appointments enjoyable. The atmosphere in the office is comfortable, relaxing, and pleasant. I recommend Dr. Gorman without any reservations.

Steve S.


Dr. Gorman and his staff have “raised the bar” above all of the dentists out there that are not awake, or who don’t want to take the time and effort to train themselves to help patients like me with severe TMJ disorders. This experience has been a life changer. The staffs so “gets” the pain you’ve suffered and are currently suffering and can care for you in a very special way.

Katherine Jones